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HORSERADISH GRILL – Atlanta, Georgia



Horseradish Grill

4320 Powers Ferry Rd NW

Atlanta, GA 30342

(404) 255-7277

Today we head uptown to Buckhead and its surrounding neighborhoods (note to self – never, ever attempt this at rush hour again!). Ron and I are headed to Horseradish Grill, located on the very edge of Chastain Park, Atlanta’s largest city park. This neighborhood is absolutely charming — heavily wooded and filled with gracious homes and manicured lawns. Horseradish Grill was originally a general store located just off the old trail. Rebuilt as a horse barn in the 1930’s, Horseradish Grill currently occupies the space as Atlanta’s oldest continuously operating restaurant. It is beautifully rustic – featuring a pine ceiling with exposed rafters, expansive windows lining the walls of the main dining room, and a massive field stone fireplace. Glass doors lead you out to the patio area — surrounded by towering trees, shaded, intimate, inviting.

The Horseradish Grill has an innovative menu that is based on the availability of local and seasonal items. Their dinner menu features such items as: Sweet Corn Crusted North Georgia Mountain Trout, Grilled Lamb Loin Chops, Venison Meatloaf, and Wood Grilled Duck Burger. Of course, each if finished with its own cream, jus, sauce, or aioli; and accompanied by specialized southern side dishes that range from Yukon Gold Scallion and Cheddar Smash Cake – to – Brown Butter Brussel Sprouts – to – Carolina Gold Rice with Antebellum Benne Seeds.

We honestly had a difficult time ordering. Their menu has so  many tempting options. With a little nod to La Lapin Saute, Ron ordered the Rabbit Pot Pie as an appetizer, and I had my favorite soup, a spicy Roasted Tomato Basil. The pot pie was served in a small ramekin (perhaps 3″), just enough to enjoy, but not fill up. Ready for the main event, Ron chose the Pan Sautéed Grouper and I chose . . . wait for it . . . chicken! I ordered the Oven Roasted North Georgia Airline Chicken Breast. The term Airline Breast was new to me. I was happy to learn that it is a boneless chicken breast with the drumette attached. I was much relieved – my experience with airline food has not been the best. However, the star of the show was a little bottle of Pinot Noir I like to call “Plump Jack.” No, actually, the name of it really is Plump Jack. It gave a big, juicy mouthful and a long, oaky finish. I now truly understand the meaning of the word unctuous. Needless to say our food was wonderful. Our meal was beautifully made, beautifully plated, and beautifully served.

On that note, I cannot end until I give high praise to one of the employees at this restaurant. A kitchen employee, we first began to watch him shortly after we settled in. He was so fast and efficient. He made his way through the dining room with plates stacked, lining his arms, whizzing past like a pleasant breeze clearing and delivering plates as he went. At one point, we started counting the number of plates he could carry on one arm – we lost count at nine. I was so impressed that I had to stop to pass on my impressions to the owner. I was told that this young man and his father work alternating nights during the week, but worked together on the weekend. It seems that their tandem service is something to see.

We enjoyed this restaurant thoroughly. The Horseradish Grill is very focused on customer experience. They provide valet car service, a full separate bar, maître d’, and a well staffed dining room and kitchen.

Definitely worth stopping by.